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24k gold from Thailand, Sand from Tulum Beach, mixed media, mounted on metal


TULUM - SOLD 53in x 43in

Layered pure 24k gold from Thailand, Sand from Tulum Beach, mixed media, mounted on metal

Kim traveled to Tulum, Mexico to draw inspiration and gather materials for this painting.

Everything about “Tulum” is completely custom. The colors, the technique, the inspiration. The colors were hand mixed to be one of a kind color. The warmth of the piece changes to mimic the room it's in. Just like the beaches in Tulum, the painting looks blue in some lightings and green in others.

The white “stone” is a technique created by Kim and custom to her art. It is a mixture of sand and stone, accented with 24k gold, which compliments the teal beautifully. The sand in the mixture was gathered from the beaches of Tulum, Mexico.


"Like many of my paintings, I saw this piece in my head before starting. This one was exceptionally difficult because it included a lot of new techniques I’ve never tested before. I also couldn’t find any reference photos but this image in my head to go off, which was frustrating. Lots of sitting on the floor and staring at test samples for this one. Some artist say they love the experimental phase. I personally hate it. I often feel stuck and that it sucks up so much time and money, which adds frustration and kills creativity. For me, the end result is what makes it worth it.

I felt stuck in my LA studio, staring at test samples. I knew going to Tulum, Mexico was what I needed for this piece. To feel the heat, the water, the sand, the salty kisses. Tacos and tequila while overlooking the jungle helped break outta my head and see my vision with fresh perspective. The natural beauty and architecture in Tulum served as huge inspiration. I really tried to not name this piece “Tulum” and go with something else. One of the many emotions I felt creating her? But “Tulum” was the only thing I could think of that encompassed all the feelings I had when looking at this piece. So “Tulum” it was.

With my paintings, I want them to look striking from afar, and also to invite the viewer to get close. To explore all the beautiful little details. This piece does that perfectly for me." - Kim Rose

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Studio and house below of my dear friend @Peter_terrin_art


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