To show how art can make a tangible difference. Using fine art as a way to bring funds and awareness to the beautiful kids in Tijuana Mexico.


10% of profits from each fine art piece sold by Kim Rose is donated to help bring funds and awareness to kids in Tijuana, Mexico. This is just one part of Mission Marisol. Mission Marisol is also a Gala Charity Art Auction featuring fine artists from around the globe. Proceeds are donated directly to help shape brighter futures for kids in Tijuana, Mexico. 


"My mother, Marisol, and her sisters were born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. Despite growing up in poverty, she always spoke of her childhood in an endearing way. In her words, “we didn’t know we were poor.”

But why not? One of the main reasons was a school nearby that offered free acting classes, art supplies, and a meal for all kids. My mother and her sisters would spend their evenings at this school with a community of other kids not only having fun, but building a strong foundation for the future by exploring their own creativity, building confidence in themselves, and staying away from alternatives such as drugs and alcohol.

This foundation helped her to grow up in a loved environment, where she was able to grow to the incredible adult she was.


Today, there are many organizations dedicated to providing a brighter future for kids in Mexico; however, they are in short of the funds needed for their outreach.

There are currently over 700 orphanages in Mexico, with an estimated 400,000 children living without parents. However, Mexico does not record a national census of orphaned children, meaning many children are neglected and forgotten while orphanages struggle to accommodate and properly care for their needs.


Our mission is to research and pinpoint those orphanages and charities that are already creating positive change for the youth of Mexico, and to encourage that work by donating all proceeds from this mission to their cause.

The money raised at our events will aid non-profit organizations and create the infrastructure necessary for continuing this mission.



"When I started selling art around the globe, I realized that my art could potentially have a huge impact.  I wanted to use fine art as a way to give voice to a movement much bigger than myself, and I knew that it I could have an even larger impact when joined together with other artists. That is when I came up with the idea of using fine art as a way of raising funds and awareness for kids in Mexico." - Kim Rose.