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108in x 36in | 274in x 91in

Layered pure 24k gold from Thailand, Ink, resin, mounted on metal



108in x 36in | 274in x 91in

Layered pure 24k gold from Thailand, Ink, resin, mounted on metal

Sirenizar - [Spanish] - meaning to allure or enchant, especially by melodious singing. (SOLD)

"When I finally stepped back to look at the finished painting, I heard music" 🤍

Sirenizar was designed to have a captivating presence. She is a mixture of contrasting textures, and bright 23k gold set over black stone. My goal was for the piece to be striking from afar, and still allure the viewer to come closer and enjoy all the little details.

The shape of the painting was inspired by Sandhamn and its surrounding islands. Sandhamn is a small island settlement approximately 50 km east of Stockholm, Sweden. Tranquil, unspoilt, and as close to the natural coastal world as you can get, Sandhamn is one of the furthest islands in the Stockholm archipelago and is a famous Swedish sailing port. Sandhamn has been popular for pleasure boating since the late 19th century, and is one of the most important natural ports in the archipelago with easy access to the Swedish capital. It is known for its tavern, its clubhouse, and its harbor. The painting not only pulls from the shape of the island, but also its charming natural beauty and prestige.

The deep green was inspired by my love of my piece, Jade. The jade stone is considered Taiwan's national pride, with many meanings far beyond just a stone. It is believed to eliminate any bad spirits and to bring good luck and fortune to whoever wears it. Chinese culture considers Jade to be a lucky stone. It is known as “The Stone of Heaven”. Jade is so precious that there is a saying that goes “gold is valuable while jade is priceless”. Jade is more precious than gold, and symbolizes prosperity, success, and good luck.

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