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CANCION - SOLD 4FT X 3FT   Cancion is one of the pieces created on site with the kids in Tijuana, Mexico and auctioned at the Mission Marisol Charity Art Auction. Full proceeds from this piece went to help the beautiful kids who helped create it. The kids at Casa Hogar and A Su Futuro all had a hand in creating this piece, which was then taken back to LA to be mounted and polished by Kim. The kids were all singing while creating the piece, thus giving it the name Cancion (to sing).    Casa Hogar is a group of orphanages that are dedicated to providing shelter and care to vulnerable boys and girls between the ages of 6-18 years old. Casa Hocar is a comprehensive model of service including shelter, education, health, food, footwear, clothing, physchological and spiritual care, so that they can develop in an environment of harmony and achieve personal success.    A Su Futuro, Advancing Students Forward, is a scholarship and academic program for students living in the vicinity of the Centro De Comunidad, A.C. Community Center in Tijuana. These kids grow up in fear because of all the violence in the area. ASF is a beautiful and safe place in the midst of everything where the kids can come. On a weekly basis ASF serves students between the ages of 6 and 12. The majority of students participate in the program for 6-10 years. Programs ASF offers include "club de tareas" or homework club, computer classes, and english classes.  ___________________________   To inquire, email or submit below.


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