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5.5ft x 3ft

Layered pure 24k gold from Thailand, Ink, resin, mounted on metal



5.5ft x 3ft

Layered pure 24k gold from Thailand, Ink, resin, mounted on metal

Jade is considered Taiwan's national pride, with many meanings far beyond just a stone. It is believed to eliminate any bad spirits and to bring good luck and fortune to whoever wears it. Chinese culture considers Jade to be a lucky stone. It is known as “The Stone of Heaven”. Jade is so precious that there is a saying that goes “gold is valuable while jade is priceless”. Jade is more precious than gold, and symbolises prosperity, success, and good luck.


My collector commissioned this painting for her parents in Taiwan. She explained to me how her family had endured many hardships together. Through it all, they have now come back together stronger than ever. I loved her story and asked if I could try something new for her painting. She said yes, which allowed me to propose something beautifully new.

The culture of Taiwan is a blend pulling from Chinese and Japanese culture. My collector said her family has an appreciation for both Chinese and Japanese influences on Taiwan, so I was happy to learn more and pull from their rich artistry.

My immediate thought for this painting was to incorporate Kintsugi. Kintsugi is a Japanese technique created four or five centuries ago. The word means 'golden joinery' in Japanese, and is the art of repairing pottery with seams of gold. This repairs the brokenness in a way that makes the object more beautiful, and even more strong than it was prior to being broken. Instead of hiding the scars, it makes a feature of them. To me this is a symbol of being broken and coming back stronger and more beautiful than before.

For this painting, “Jade”, I pulled from everything I discovered. I sat with everything for a while and tested new techniques. I explored the color green which was an absolute joy. I created a new stone technique that feels refined and lavish. As always i added 24k gold to the mix. I wanted the painting to feel right with the intentions. I wanted it to be a symbol of strength and prosperity. I hope this beautiful Jade serves as a constant symbol of prosperity, and is passed down through the family generations as a symbol of unity and strength.woven through both the stone and the base of this piece to give it a cohesive and glowing look.

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