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5.5ft x 3ft - Layered pure 24k gold from Thailand, ink, mounted on metal

FUERZA - SOLD 5.5ft x 3ft

Layered pure 24k gold from Thailand, ink, mounted on metal

This piece is part of Kim's signature series, the Legendary Series.  This series is a dedication to the balance and fusion of left brain and right brain, art and logic, head and heart. That greatness is only achieved by the balance and harmony of these two sides. Those who are legendary have a mix of madness and genius. You need to be crazy enough to start the journey, and disciplined enough to put in the work toward it. The most iconic people, today and in history, have had this.  The gold bar is strength, grit, determination. It is a strong single line that captures attention from far away. It is made of the purest gold imported from Thailand. It is not only the most expensive gold, but it is also rich in culture & tradition. Gold that has been used by kings throughout history. Gold that is spiritual and used in churches.    The inks & creative mixtures at the bottom show passion & faith. While creating, Kim is usually blasting music, sipping wine & dancing when creating the free flowing lines. “Life is meant to be enjoyed, I want you to feel that when looking at it”. If you look close, you’ll see some of the 24k gold woven in at the bottom, to tie into the balance.    __________   “For me, I use to feel a tear between my free flowing creative side, & my logical ‘realistic’ side. My creative and passionate side wanted to pursue art, something I loved but seemed unrealistic to make a career. My logical and realistic side told me to pursue something with more chance of security.    I learned that a balance between the two is where greatness could be achieved. My passionate side pushed me to do what I loved, my logical side pushed me to work as hard as I could at it.  Greatness is always achieved first by taking a leap, and then working as hard as one can at it. The greatest minds in history have always had a balance between head & heart. As the artist, my goal is to have everyone who looks at this series remember that it is all about balance. This piece is for the go getters, the risk takers, the big dreamers. Dream the impossible, and put in the work to make it possible.”  __________   “Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts” - Albert Einstein  __________ To inquire, email or submit below.


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