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5ft x 3ft - Ink, mounted on metal


ANGEL - SOLD 5ft x 3ft

Ink, mounted on metal

Angel was the first of her kind and the birth of Kim's recent abstract work. Angel was created with multiple layers and a fusion of exquisite materials. Each layer was mixed, painted, dried, and allowed to fully cure. The surface would then be sanded before adding the next layer and repeating the process. This technique is a fusion of chemical reactions and painting, and had never been done in this manner with such materials.    Angel is the victorious feeling of relief and refreshment. Knowing your guardian angel loves you very much. Her deep layers of blue playfully contrast the golden glimmers of marble. These materials are woven in effortless unison, giving a peace of strength and energy to her viewer.    ___________________________   To inquire, email or submit below.

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