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6ft x 4ft - Custom marble, ink, mounted on metal


6ft x 4ft - Custom marble, ink, mounted on metal

Afrodita (Aphrodite en Español) was inspired by the marble statues of Aphrodite. She is the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, and has been the muse of many painters and sculptors through history. Divinely feminine and powerful, which is what I feel when looking at this piece. This design is based on my legendary series, which pairs free flowing movement with the strength of the solid line. This series is a dedication to the balance and fusion of left brain and right brain, art and logic, head and heart. How greatness is achieved by the balance and harmony of these two sides. The marble bar is strength, grit, determination. It is a strong single line that captures attention from far away. The grey and gold creative mixtures at the bottom show love, beauty, & faith. Aphrodite definitely had many character flaws, but don’t we all. With all these flaws, she still managed to remain as one of the most inspiring muses. I felt it was very fitting to have a legendary series based on Aphrodite, for she is one of the most legendary goddesses in history.   To inquire, email or submit below.



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