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C R E A T I V I T Y / M E E T S / L O V E

why I create art for charity.


I am a modern minimalist artist who lives in Los Angeles, CA. My marbled art pieces have been sold and collected around the world. My heart and soul is not only in art, but also finding the deeper meaning of how art can contribute to the greater good. I believe every person can be an artist, and that every artist must find the "why" behind their actions. This is what gives life its purpose and vibrance. It is my great pleasure to have joined artists from around the world to help make a difference in the lives of kids in Tijuana, Mexico. My personal mission is to use fine art as a way to bring funds and awareness to the beautiful kids in Tijuana, Mexico. 


Creativity has always been a part of my life. Since I was a little girl, my mom would encourage me to let my imagination run wild. She didn’t seem to mind when I made a mess of the entire kitchen, or on the dining room table while painting everywhere.


Growing up, my family and I would always go on Mexico Mission trips with our church. We would build houses, supply basic medical necessities (from the volunteer doctors on the team), and bring games for the kids. My mom served as the main translator for the trip and was instrumental in building the connection between our group and the locals.  


I remember that on lunch breaks she would take the opportunity to reach out and find those in the town who needed help but were too afraid to come to the church. Having grown up in Mexico herself, my mom could relate to the people in certain ways that the church group could not.


I would come by her side during this time and watch her, helping in whatever ways I could. Through conversation and time spent with the community, she found those who needed desperate medical help and those who were struggling to find food for their kids. I remember a child came to us saying “my aunt has been throwing up for weeks now and is very ill in her bed.” My mom visited this woman and convinced her to allow our doctors to provide the necessary medications to heal her sickness. The doctor told us later that she might have died very soon had she not received this care.


Another moment that stuck out to me was the time our group gave a local woman a ride to the other side of town. We had just eaten lunch and in the back were some leftover pizza crusts and orange peels. The woman looked disapprovingly at the leftover food, muttering something along the lines of “I am struggling to find food for my daughters and you American’s aren’t even finishing your food.”  She asked for the pizza crust and orange peels to bring back to her kids and nephews.


At that time, I was thirteen years old. I can still remember the feeling I had when I saw how that woman looked at our scraps and saw the potential to feed her children for the evening. Even when we think we are doing everything we can be doing to lend our help in Mexico, there is still so much we overlook. Mission work is not about filling the need we think we see, but to come alongside the community and see through their eyes where the need lies.


I had the pleasure of witnessing my mom, Marisol, step outside the traditional mission work and dig deeper into helping the community. When she passed away, I had this burning desire to carry on in her footsteps. In Mexico there is so much joy; however, there is still so much need. Her way of seeing the people of Mexico has inspired my own approach to mission work. I wanted to find a way to uplift and encourage the joy and goodness that is already overflowing in Mexico, and build a bond with the communities to equip the younger generation for bright futures. That is why Kim Rose Art has launched our Mexico Mission - Mission Marisol, where we have united artists from around the world to help make a difference. More at


I would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported my journey. Be it people who have bought art, donated funds, come alongside the project to support, or simply shared the heart behind this mission with others. You all mean so much to me. Together we will help those who need, and those who are too afraid to reach out.

xxx Kim Rose




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