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- Orphans with food, a home to stay, & loving caretakers

- Teachers a salary to educate kids and give them a brighter future

- Professional psychologist care for kids to ensure health

Our goal is to give orphans and underprivileged kids in Mexico the love and care they need to grow and be leaders of change.  A child can not dream or reach their full potential if their basic needs of love and nourishment are not met. This is why we are here.


There are currently over 700 orphanages in Mexico, with an estimated 400,000 children living without parents. However, Mexico does not record a national census of orphaned children, meaning many children are neglected and forgotten while orphanages struggle to accommodate and properly care for their needs. Our mission has been to research and pinpoint those orphanages and charities that are already creating positive change for the youth of Mexico, and to encourage the work each mission does.


Los Angeles artist, Kim Rose, has recruited artists from around the world to come together under the same cause: to use fine art as a vehicle to bring funds and awareness to children in Mexico. The heart for this project stems from the legacy Kim’s mother, Marisol, left imprinted on her daughter. Marisol was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and despite living in poverty most of her childhood, she always praised the programs established around her that allowed her to explore her creativity. These simple organizations and after school programs built her the foundation she needed to grow into the incredible woman and example she was.


Today, there are many organizations dedicated to helping children just like Marisol, but they are short of the necessary funds to expand their impact. 100% of the proceeds raised at Mexico Mission – Mission Marisol will be directly donated to the incredible non-profit organization, International Community Foundation, who will aide in allocating the funds to seven hand-picked charities in Mexico working hard to create a brighter future for the younger generation.






Orfanatorio Emmanuel

Moved by the sight of children begging on the streets of Tijuana, Sr. Eduardo Mendez and his wife Sra. Ana Maria Diaz de Leon founded Emmanuel Orphanage, a shelter for children living on the streets or children at great risk of being separated from their families by the government if they don’t have the resources/ability to care for them. Orphanage Emmanuel has 20 years of work in Tijuana and has managed to open three houses thanks to the support of people like you. One of the Houses serves Girls from 6 to 17 years who have been victims of abuse, sexual abuse or have been sexually exploited, as well as Children from 5 to 9 years of age. They also have a house that serves children from 10 to 17 years old who have been in difficult circumstances such as abandonment, abuse or sexual abuse and street situation. The orphanage currently provides 26 boys, girls and adolescents with a home, food, psychological treatment and educational tutoring/programs.

Niños de la Promesa Tijuana: Provides a loving and warm home for 50 children who have experienced physical, mental, and sexual abuse in the homes and streets of Tijuana, so that they may live more dignified lives and continue their education.


Casa Eudes Promocion a la Mujer, Tijuana

Established by Sisters of the Order of our Lady of Charity, Casa Eudes Promocon a la Mujer’s mission is to support and promote battered women who have been victims of sexual abuse, family violence, mistreating, family disintegration and threats to their personal integrity and safety. The Sisters founded the Casa Eudes Tijuana ‘home’ in 1975, in order to address a prevalent problem they identified; an ever -growing number of young women facing serious psycho-socio- emotional problems, with very little or non-existent education, and the lack of resources or work. These girls seek a place in society and that place is systematically and brutally denied to them. In over 34 years, more than 3000 young girls have lived at “Casa Eudes”, where they are provided a safe and loving environment to overcome their many problems, new strategies for coping, academic and religious education in several areas such as: English, computers, accounting, thus giving the abilities and elements that will supporting their personal growth. Casa Eudes is currently home to approximately 25 elementary and adolescent girls.


Fundacion Castro Limon

Founded in 2003, Fundacion Castro Limon is committed to providing quality and comprehensive treatment from a biological-psychological-social- spiritual perspective to children between 0 and 18 years of age diagnosed with cancer, as well as their families, to face the different stages of this process, that is, from the moment the diagnosis is confirmed until survival is achieved or, in some cases, accompanying them in the inevitable death. In Mexico, the 2nd cause of infant death is cancer, and rates are double in Baja California. Between 2003 and 2011, they provided more than 23,000 services for over 920 cases, with many cancer survivors.


Casa Hogar Morada del Niño Jesus 

Orphanage currently providing shelter and care 20 boys and girls between ages 6-18 years old. Casa Hogar is a comprehensive model of services including shelter, education, health, food, footwear, clothing, psychological and spiritual care, so that they can develop in an environment of harmony and achieve personal success.


Casa Hogar Sion 

Orphanage providing a comprehensive model of care including shelter, basic needs and education for 70 vulnerable boys and girls between ages 6-18 years old.


Advancing Students Forward/A Su Futuro: Advancing Students Forward/A Su Futuro (ASF)  

ASF is a scholarship and academic support program for students living in the vicinity of the Centro de Comunidad, A.C. community center in Tijuana. These kids grow up in fear because of all the violence in the area. ASF is a beautiful and safe place in the midst of everything where the kids can come. On a weekly basis ASF serves between 20-40 students between the ages 6 and 12. The majority of students participate in the program for 6-10 years. Programs ASF offers include “Club de Tareas” or Homework Club, Computer classes and English classes.

Ve`e Sa`a Kuaa and Guelaguetza Elementary Schools Library Programs

In order to expand their perspective of the world, offer a safe, independent space, and encourage them to have dreams and set goals, Pro- Salud operates a full-time library, reading program and summer camp within these two elementary schools for over 1,600 girls and boys ages 6 to 12 years in Colonia Valle Verde, Tijuana. The majority of these students are of Mixtec origin, from poor working families, whose parents are usually illiterate and in many cases do not speak Spanish. Without the support of their parents and the trained staff at these schools, these girls and boys would not have any interest in reading, and would surely immerse themselves in a world with little academic or other life ambitions.

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