How to Decorate a Bohemian Artsy Room - with Bed Bath and Beyond

March 30, 2018

Hi Friends!


I've partnered with Bed Bath and Beyond to turn my new room into a bohemian artsy heaven. In this blog post, I'll be sharing some tips on how I decorated my room and sharing what exactly I used. 

As some of you may know, I recently moved to a new house in Los Angeles. I was ready to make this room my little artist heaven, so naturally I looked up a zillion pictures on Tumblr and Pinterest to find what type of style I was going for. In any type of art (interior design is an art :) I believe its so important to look for inspiration and find what styles you really like. For me, I really fell in love with the bohemian and Bali room styles. Despite not living somewhere tropical, I still love tropical and exotic vibes. You may not know exactly what style you are going for, and that's ok. Just do some research and find what pictures you love most. Identify what you love most from those photos and try to find similar items to incorporate into your room with.


After identifying what style I wanted, my first priority was to find bedding. Having a cozy bed meant silk sheets and a white comforter to me. I immediately gravitated toward the Swift Home Prewashed Yarn Dyed Duvet Cover in Ivory. The soft and beautiful texture is perfect to me and really works for those cozy bed pictures. I put this cover over the Restful Nights Premium Down Comforter in White, which perfectly plushy (and I love plushy). I know sometimes duvets can run a bit expensive, so if you are looking for a more affordable option, I recommend the Down Alternative Comforter.




My next step was to pair the comforter with some silk sheets because I have always wanted some. Something about the silk touch makes me feel so luxurious. Plus if you have wavy/curly hair like I do, silk helps your hair stay tangle free when you sleep. After a week, I noticed the silk sheets and pillow covers really helped keep my hair less tangled. I chose the Madison Park Essential Premier Comfort Satin Sheet Set in gold. These came at a surprisingly affordable price and I can testify they are so silky soft. When they first come in the mail they seem a little stiff only because they are brand new. Soften them by throwing them in the washer or just sleeping in for a couple nights.


I went with this color because they were a very similar color to my rugs and other accents in the room. I love pairing colors because it brings more cohesion to the room and helps with maintaining a "minimal"  look to the room. Too many items and colors in the room can make me feel like the room is too busy, and almost messy (even when it is clean). Sometimes less is more. 


I also decided not to have a bed frame and instead just have a box frame under my mattress. Having a low bed makes the room seem more open and cozy to me, and I saw a lot of Swedish and minimal interior designers trying it out. I skirted the box frame with the Wrap-Around Wonderskirt Bed Skirt in white. 


After bedding, I moved to flooring. I live in an older "cottage" style house with white carpet, which is not the most "instagrammable" flooring. So instead of installing new wood flooring, I decided to add textures with rugs. For me textures are so important, and having rugs is pretty fun because if you get bored, you can always change it up! I used some fuzzy textures and got the Luxe Mongolian Faux Fur Sheep Skin in Tan and the Natural 100% New Zealand Sheepskin Accent Rug in white. These are super soft and also help add this lux feeling. 

After figuring out flooring, I also got a couple other fun items including Acacia Bar Stool in lighter grey. This doubles as a stool and a cute little accent table, depending on your preference. Sometimes I use it to sit on and take fashion pictures, other times I use it as a table and accent it with accessories. Either way I feel like you can't go wrong with having one for decoration. 


From there I added some personal touches and sprinkled my art supplies everywhere. Because I use them nearly daily, it just makes more sense for me to leave it out. I also just love seeing my brushes and canvases in my room because it encourages me to do more art.


Even if art is not your thing, you can find all kinds of simple decorations to put the final touches on your room. My favorites are candles and accessories (like glasses, watches, necklaces, etc..), but you can also try out picture frames, cute lamps, fairy lights, cute swings, etc...

After finally furnishing and decorating my room, we celebrated with some wine and good company. One of the most important elements of decorating your room, no matter your style, is to enjoy the process and take a moment to enjoy when you are finally (mostly) finished! This is your room, your perfect spot to make your safe haven. It is where you will spend a lot of your time, so why not make it uniquely you! Even if you are just there for a year (mine is a year lease), you can still take all your decorations with you to your new home :) Because of that, I wanted to go all out and make it mine. 


I hope I helped inspire you to look at more pretty pictures and make your room your personal haven! Please feel free to ask me any more questions regarding room decor if you have any. Also let me know if you liked this blog post and what other types of blog posts you would like to see. Your feedback and insight is always super helpful!


You can always reach me via Instagram or email me at

As always, know you are beautiful, you are loved, and you are enough

xxx Kim Rose



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