Kim Rose Featured in the Newspaper

March 17, 2016

Kim Rose: Drawing her way to success as an artist

by Brandon Rodriguez, for The Clause Newspaper


Outside of the classroom, junior business marketing major and art minor Kim Weber, known professionally as ‘Kim Rose,’ is creating artistic crafts through her own business.


From drawings, paintings and instrumental designs to body art and tattoos, Rose continues to expand her art through various platforms and creations. Now, anyone can purchase her products at the University Bookstore.

Rose first began selling her art through Instagram after one of her high school teachers asked if she could design a tattoo for her. When Rose realized that this was a viable way to make money, she decided to apply business skills into her product. 


She competed in Zuventurez program, APU’s start-up business plan competition for students, which led to a new partnership between Zuventurez and the University Bookstore.


Rose admitted that she had her doubts at first, but soon enough people began buying her products.

“I wasn’t sure if things would sell, because people aren’t going to the bookstore to buy art—they’re going to get a scantron or a book that they need,” Rose said. “So I was very happy when people began buying my product! The biggest seller so far is the temporary metallic tattoos. Others have bought art prints, hand-painted phone cases, and T-shirts—I didn’t think those would sell, but they have and I’m really excited about that.”

Rose added that her business arrangement with the bookstore is incredibly helpful.

“The bookstore really wanted students to do this, so it’s all for profit,” Rose said. “That means I get 100 percent of what sells, which is unheard of in business.”


She explained that this opportunity began thanks to Nate Lu, director of the Office of Innovations for Zuventurez at the time. He contacted Rose, and talked about a partnership with the University Bookstore designed to help students promote their products as a test run for their business. 


When asked if she would be interested, Rose quickly jumped on the opportunity.


“We were trying to find the right students who had products that could go in a store and would showcase innovations and entrepreneurship at APU,” Lu said. “That’s why Kim Rose was one of the people that we wanted to showcase.”

Lu described Rose as both passionate and tenacious about her work. He explained that although she competed in Zuventurez multiple times and never won, she did not quit on her art business.


“Through Zuventurez, she pitched her art as a product, but she went up against some heavy hitters, and ultimately, didn’t make the final list in the competition,” Lu said. “However, that didn’t stop her, and that’s one of the things that impressed me the most. She is focused on facilitating the goal, regardless of what happens. She will be successful in one way or form…She has a very enduring quality about how she pursues her goal of making Kim Rose Art into a brand.”


Her work ethic has been admired by many in Zuventurez, such as Lu and Janice Orlando, chair of the board of innovation, who volunteers frequently with Zuventurez.

“[Rose] is so creative, and she is using her God-given talents to create an entire world of beauty,” Orlando said. “I think she could do this forever.”


Recently, University Bookstore assistant director Heather Snyder approached Zuventurez to see if they could help student entrepreneurship. She is proud of the results so far and is excited to see how far this partnership can go. Snyder expressed how much she has enjoyed getting to know students such as Rose in order to help their business’ thrive.


“This is a new partnership between the University Bookstore and Zuventurez,” Snyder said. “We are excited to continue our relationship with Zuventurez, but also work with these amazing students. We wanted to provide an opportunity through retail space, and give these student entrepreneurs practical retail experience and [help them] learn business practices, along with [a place] to showcase their ideas.”

Rose is the first APU student to have an entire section of the bookstore dedicated to her own business. However, she will not be the last.


“Kim Rose Art is the first step in what we hope to be many student entrepreneurs, who can step up to the plate and realize that they don’t have to wait until they graduate to get their business off the ground,” Lu said.

More important, Rose’s business is about more than just art. It’s about helping others in need.


Rose has developed a passion to help support orphans in Mexico. Because of this, her mission is to bring food, clothing and art supplies to kids, so that they can have a brighter childhood and future.


“The charity aspect of my company is one of the most important things for me, and one of the main reasons why I decided to stay in the competitions,” Rose said. “I want to help raise awareness for orphans in Mexico…The thing that I really latched onto was bringing art to kids. It’s something that is so simple and small, that kids only play with for a little [in America]—but [in Mexico], it means the world to them.”


Rose expressed that she has always loved art because it is fun and creative, and by taking the time to teach kids about art, or spending time with them in general, it makes them feel loved and appreciated.


“We are very blessed to be where we are,” Rose said. “God has blessed us, and the way I see it, we have to help people. Because He has blessed me with the ability to be at APU and meet all the people that have helped me with this business, I have to take advantage of that.


“I want to give back to people in need, and when people see your actions to help others, that’s like preaching within itself,” Rose added. “It’s very subtle, but it can be even more effective, and through this, people can be saved—that’s a huge motivator for me.”


View and buy Rose’s art on her website,, or at the bookstore.


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