May 22, 2014

Imagine your entire world coming to a halt. Everything you knew, all your dreams, suddenly shifted by the three simple words "You have cancer”. 

Everyone knows someone who is affected by it.  This year, there will be nearly 1,665,540 new cancer diagnoses in the U.S. alone (info from the American Cancer Society).  This disease has changed the life of millions upon millions of people.

I feel so helpless. I wish I could somehow find a cure. I wish I could do something. However, just wishing and dwelling on the fact that I'm no doctor won't change anything. So I finally realized that I actually can do something.  In fact, anybody whose a non-doctor can do something.   


Like I said before, everyone knows someone who is affected by cancer.  Be it that old lady across the street, your friends uncle Bob, or your younger sibling you can’t picture life without.  So a way ordinary non-doctor people can help is by doing something for that person.

Make a card

Make a quilt

Make a community quilt

Make a community something

Bring them flowers

Cook them food

Better yet bring them flowers and food

Any little thing will do.  The point is, do something to show you care about them. You have no idea how much a little gesture will help lift their spirits.  The little ounce of joy you give them might be enough to give them hope to keep pushing on.

            XXX Kim

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