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DxO FilmPack Elite 5.5.20 Build 589 (x64) [Updated-2022]




Application is small, it requires only 13Mb of space in my system, and it's working great. The result is very sharp, not distorted and natural-looking images. Features: Various filters: depth, contrast, sharpness, noise, color enhancement, saturation, vividness, gamma correction, contrast. Image noise removal tools: Black and White, Blur and Blur roll, Local Adjustments, Detail, Morphology, Edge, Dark and Light, Spot Healing, Spot Removal. Several adjustments of levels in different image regions (details, shadows, midtones, highlights). New smartly designed interface for quick and easy adjustment of many parameters. The user interface is very intuitive, with tools that are easy to use and understand. This software can be described as an advanced tool for dealing with photographic image, a professional version of a RAW-image editor, which can be used on the PC. It is worth to mention that the software has very few user-unfriendly options. The Expert mode contains presets, that allow the user to apply the corresponding adjustments to images taken under the same conditions. This feature helps to reduce or eliminate the user's mistakes during the adjustment process. This mode is excellent for those who want to see how the effect is going to look on the final image. In the Expert mode we find also a large library of presets, organized by camera manufacturer, by camera type and by camera model. All these presets are designed by DXO labs and are tested by DXO labs experts before being released to the public. The software also allows to see the histogram of the image, and to set a "Threshold", the level of image contrast, which allows you to highlight specific details in the image. The software does not require to be installed to the computer hard disk. It is a "stand-alone" product. There are no additional files to download and install. There are no special drivers to install. The software is completely self-contained in a single file. The application is protected by an easy to use password system. Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended 12.0.0 (x64) Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended 12.0.0 (x64). Features: All common image editing tasks: Resize, rotate, crop, change contrast, brightness, colour tone and add/remove shadows. Powerful selection tools. Edit images in multi-layer: make selections, move and rotate layers and stack them. Adjust images with crop, resize, rotate, crop, cut, copy, paste and




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DxO FilmPack Elite 5.5.20 Build 589 (x64) [Updated-2022]

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