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My philosophy and life’s purpose is to show how art can be used to create tangible good. This is carried out through tangible giving, and through art inspiration. 


Philosophy carried through tangible giving:

This is why I created Mission Marisol, a non-profit uniting fine artists from around the world to fundraise for kids in Tijuana, Mexico. Mission Marisol was inspired by my mother, Marisol, who was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. Growing up in poverty, she often went to an after school program that offered free acting classes, art supplies, and meals. This helped her grow into the incredible adult she was. As I grew up, she would take me on mission trips where she was a leader in change. She saved lives with her work and inspired many. When she passed away, it left a burning desire in my heart to follow in her footsteps and carry out my life's purpose. 


With the support of 28 artists from around the world, my team and I put together Mission Marisol to fundraise through a charity art auction. My goal for Mission Marisol is to be one of the leading charity art organizations in the world. You can see all the details at


Philosophy carried through art inspiration:

My purpose leads me to be very intentional with the messages poured into my art. Each series is meant to either move to peace, inspiration, or catharsis. I aspire for my pieces to move a step past feeling, into action in creating tangible good.


For example, a follower sent me a message saying her and her husband got matching tattoos of my “Embrace” design. They had had a miscarriage several months prior. When she saw the design the first time, she broke down crying. She wrote “looking at it (the design), it felt like we brought our baby girl home for the first time”. The design inspired them to remain united and keep trying. 

One of my recent “Equilibrado” mini collectors gifted the piece to a friend who is a rape survivor. She wrote “This piece will be a gift for a new home/start. Sherry is a rape survivor who’s left everything and everyone she’s ever known behind, currently learning communication and how to find balance in life. Oddly this piece's meaning is ‘balance’. It’s a perfect fit for this moment in her life”. 

It is in the viewers stories and actions that my art fulfills its purpose.

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